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The Science of Getting Rich Book Review

This book published back in 1910 by Wallace D. Wattles, a good book… What I really liked about The Science of Getting Rich is that Wattles strips away all veneers of mysticism in his discussion of the process of manifesting as a science that follows specific laws.

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I read The Science of Getting Rich several years ago, but I thought I would read it again with new lens. You have to read this book with an open mind, and the title of the book is often a turnoff for many. The book is not just about becoming wealthy in terms of money; it’s about living a fulfilled life and tapping into your true potential. It’s what true wealth is about.

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The Science of Getting Rich – A Book Review. Do you want to get rich? There is a science of getting rich, and it is, an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic. Wallace Wattles is the godfather of the personal development field and he was a man ahead of his time. While reading The Science of Getting Rich I experienced a feeling of déjà vu, like I had been down this road before. And I had, his concept is essentially The Law of Attraction at play.

Published in 1910, the author says in his book that it is abnormal not to want to be rich, because being rich is the only way you can realize your full potential, and that there is an exact science to getting rich, like algebra or arithmetic. Anyone who follows the law will become rich with mathematical certainty. To become rich, you have to do things a Certain Way.

Because the book was published a century ago, the language used may appear odd. He talks about Formless Stuff, Original Substance, Formless Living Substance, Formless Intelligence and so on. He is talking about what we refer to today as energy. Even though Wattles focuses a lot on visualizing what you want, having a clear mental image, and behaving as if you already have what you want, taking personal action is stated outright in many sections.

The Science of Getting Rich is inspiring, and it teaches many lessons such as a grateful heart, humility and thinking abundantly. Here are some takeaways from the book, which will appear familiar to you.

  • Everything first started with a thought. Imagine before it is manifested
  • Everything is created from one thing, energy.
  • Man is capable of original thought and to cause the creation of what he thinks about.
  • You have the ability to become who you want to be, and create what you want to create.
  • Take action now because thought without action is virtually useless.
  • People do best in a business that they like and that they have the necessary skills for, but getting rich is not dependent on any particular business.
  • Opportunity comes from different directions, and there is an abundance of opportunities. Go with the tide instead of swimming against it.
  • There is more than enough for all, we need to think abundantly.
  • You are in a better position to help others, if you first help yourself to realize your true potential.
  • Create instead of compete with others. When we create we add value to the world.
  • Give more in “use” value than you take in “cash” value. So if you sell a book, the content must have a higher value than the cost of the book.
  • Think big, think abundance. Think win win.
  • The more grateful you are, the more you receive. Be grateful in your life.
  • To become the best, surround yourself with the best. Your network is your net worth!

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