Among his numerous achievements, we also know Bob Proctor as one of the leading experts in the Law of Attraction. He continues to teach us about it even to this day. From talking about how this law works, to the Law of Vibration, Proctor has shared his knowledge with us regarding this subject, trying to tell us how we can implement this law into our own lives.

Bob tells us that if we feel and visualize whatever we want in our lives, we begin to attract it to ourselves.

He goes on to state that there have been several successful people in this world who didn’t know how they would rise to success, but they were certain that they would get there.

He makes us believe that even if we don’t understand the law, we should never reject it, because the law is always active, and we will always attract the way in some way or the other.

The Law of Attraction plays a huge role in all the teachings and seminars of Proctor, and can be found all the way from the 1970s to even his teachings from today.

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The Science of Getting Rich Webinar

“Why do some people seem to attract riches and all the good things in life almost effortlessly, while others struggle just to make ends meet?”

What makes the difference?